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Ben's Journal
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Thursday, May 16th, 2002
9:24 pm
Lonnnnnnnnnnnng day!
Today was one of those days where you just kinda wish it would end like ASAP. I went to work this morning at 8 a.m. and it was my first time doing shipment. FLIPPING HELL I got tired so fast, it was not even cool. Then I felt so awkward leaving that poor she-male mannequin in front of Kids when they needed me at cashwrap. Dear lord talk about pure chaos with the .97¢ stuff though, Christ it was insane! Can't wait to go back tomorrow, riiiiiight. OMG Nic looked sooo cute with his stocking cap on today. Hate to say this, but it was enormously peaceful without Bret today. It was nice to see Mike today! He's an interesting little feller.. I never realized he knew my name, hmm! Makes ya wonder where he got it from, lol, I think it's more funny than anything. I should work on my website tonight, then again I shouldn't... considering I'm tired as all hell. That was so weird today when I went into the Steve Kirby campaign headquarters and that dude recognized me from the news. SPEAKING OF THAT! DAMMIT, I gotta go over there tomorrow to drop off a tape! Grrrrrarrr! Oh well, I need a haircut too. I should actually start my day kinda early tomorrow. I wouldn't mind paying about $30 to get the hair done, then again I'm thinking about shaving it. Such a dilemma I tell ya! But yeah, I think it's a crock they only have me working 13 hours next week. I'm sure I'll pick up more hours here 'n there though, I'm such a nice man.. sometimes I wonder if I'm TOO nice. Hmm, what else occurred today? The shoplifters was kind of a scary thing, but apparently it's all under control. I'm so bored right now, there's like nobody online. Apes, A-me, or Soupy need to get their ass online. Oh well, maybe it's a good thing because I should go to bed and hopefully get rid of this headache. It'd probably be a good idea to write a few e-mails too.. I gotta write Brad, Tina, and maybe Apes. She's been a bad girl lately, lol, so I dunno. I should update my schedule before I do ANYTHING though. Anyway, I'm outta here.. talk tooze yous laterz!

Current Mood: exhausted
Wednesday, May 15th, 2002
12:33 pm
Wow, exactly a week since the last time I wrote! LOADS has happened!
First of all, work is going wonderfully. I kinda got reamed yesterday for takin' so long with kid's socks, but I made up for it big time with my lovely design skills. I rawk. But ok, so last week... Thursday night Matt had a party at Nemo and DAYUM that was niiiiice! I kicked out "La Bamba" and cracked everyone up.. didn't know I was that funny. I wanna know who the hell that Zach guy was, he was rather uhm.. nice? lol, today is boring, it's my day off. Oh yeah, last week still.. I graduated and had loads of fun at graduation. Silly string rawks my world! I want to get to know Karissa SO MUCH better, she's a darling!!! Times like this I wish I wasn't the way I am. I feel so much for her, but I don't (obvious reasons). BE BACK LATER!

Current Mood: calm
Wednesday, May 8th, 2002
10:26 pm
I am simply...the bomb.
Pardon the big-headed attitude, but I just love my job! People like Brett and other snobs can kiss my ass. I swear, will it seriously kill people to smile? Very odd folks. I don't recall the woman's name, but she's awesome... the perfect fold is now my new specialty. This morning I got up at 6-frickin-A.M. to be to work by 7 a.m. for Threads training. Fun times!! It was nice to see a bunch of us lovely folks at once. OMG... Jameson... I about MELT everytime I see him! I soooo can't wait 'til I work with him!! Such a nice boy I tell ya! So yeah, I love my job. Pam's hilarious and everyone else rawks my world with an exception of a few folks who I believe I have already mentioned. Tomorrow evening should be rather interesting with Carla and company. I heart Matt, I wish I coulda got to know him better. I went to Culligan today and THE F*CKERS COULD'VE AT LEAST HELPED ME CARRY THE WATER OUTSIDE TO MY CAR! I dunno if that's inconsiderate or just plain ignorant. Who cares, I don't, lol.. k I'll shut up. Glad to get a water bottle from them however. I need to take a case of pop to work. I would LOVE to make like summer treats for everyone too.. Wouldn't that be SO sweet of me? Just gotta talk to Tiffany and find out what all folks work on a designated day. Lovely lovely. Good way to suck up too. OMG I haven't been to the gym in about 6 days!!! I feel sooooo guilty! I'm still a little annoyed by Chris' little "caring" comment. I was thinking about giving him a call tonight and seeing what the hell, but figured.. nah ain't worth it. I need to finish that damn jean wall tomorrow. lol, the perfect fold thing is awesome. I can't WAIT to get MONEY!!!!!!! OMG I am SO going shopping. 5 shirts for $20 at Foot Locker... HELL OF A DEAL! But yeah, it's like after 10:30 now and I'm kinda beat from today, so I'm off! Will give updates sometime soon!

Current Mood: optimistic
Monday, May 6th, 2002
9:55 am
Fabulous weekend!
I am just having a lovely 'ol time as of late! Not really anything to get excited about, I'm just doing quite well. OMG Karissa (I think that's how you spell her name) and Pam were soooo hilarious when we were closing on Saturday night. I heart them both dearly. I still can't get the fact Pam "pushed small children" to get a glance at Kevin from BSB. She's so funny! I'm actually enjoying work even more now. I figure as long as I tough it out the first month, I'll learn where everything goes and have to worry about a whole lot. I can't WAIT to start working with the new guy: Jameson. What a hunk 'n a half!! The weather out is kinda blah today, but I'm surviving. I'll write more later, the crew is in the room and I'd appreciate them not reading behind my shoulder. TTYL!

Current Mood: bouncy
Friday, May 3rd, 2002
10:57 pm
What a day! Just beautiful, then turned into a dust storm... ewhck! (don't ask how to pronounce that). K anyway, I go to work 'n stuff. I get there and the mood is kinda odd for some weird reason. I come around the corner and see an extremely sweet site. I was like, "Hey, I'm Ben.. the new guy!" He says, "I'm Mark, nice to meetcha! *hand shake*" WHAT A NICE GENTLEMAN! I gotta mention it to someone higher in the ladder how incredibly more welcome he made me feel compared to everyone else. Justin, Brett, and Nic... uhm, no. Nic's kinda cool, but Justin's a snobby little twit and Brett's a fake. Who knows.. it was only like my 4th day, so hopefully things will improve. That's what I get (a wake up call) for being out of the workforce for so long. Then again, maybe there's something I'm missing? I dunno, I always say I don't give a shit what other's think of me... but I seriously don't enjoy looking like a dumbass being so inexperienced 'n stuff. I missed Rebekka, she's sooo the bomb. Can't wait to wear my new outfit tomorrow finally, I just LOVE it! I was hoping I'd be able to apologize to Tiffany today regarding my late notice of graduation, but hopefully tomorrow. I'm going to see Spider-Man with Mar & Troy at midnight so I should probably head out momentarily. I didn't think I was gonna be able to see it at all tonight or anytime this weekend (with an exception of Sunday), but YAY!! I love it when theaters have midnight showings. Just hope I don't crash! I shouldn't, I hear it's quite an exciting one. OMG the look I put together today totally rawked, you could tell my mom just loved it. :) And I was just thinking... I totally forgot about Eric when I was talking about the guys from work. Eric, so far, is a sweetheart. He gave me a little hey when we first came in contact, which was cool, so I have nothing against him. OMG I'm sooo not looking forward to Wednesday at 7 A-frickin-M! Oh well though, I enjoy money too much. I'm still undecided what I'm gonna do. I hope there'll be a time when I'm able to make it up to Montana this summer. I'm kinda scared I'll have to work a shload of hours when Chris is here, but oh well I guess. As long as I have MY day (the 4th of July) off for the celebration up at Mount Rushmore, I'll be fine and dandy as sour candy and a stud named Randy! lol, that was sooo stupid. But anyway, speakin' of Mount Rushmore, didja like the pic I posted earlier? Kinda neat. Wells, I better get mah freakin' on and meet Mar & Troy. I work 1pm-10pm tomorrow, so lord knows if I'll be willing to come back here then. Unless something extravagant takes place. Later!

Current Mood: irritated
1:55 pm
Yay, a picture!
K this was taken a few weeks ago at Mount Rushmore when Nick from Montana came to visit.
Isn't it cute?! lol, enjoy...
1:45 pm
As U2 would say: "It's A Beautiful Day!"
Hot damn it's gorgeous! K I still have to decide what I'm gonna wear to work because I'm rather uncomfortable in this lovely attire I have on to today. I am soooo happy for Kenny Chesney and the country music industry. NUMBER ONE debut week, hell of a deal! I'm anxious to go to work, I just love it there. I still can't get over the fact Eric and I have the exact same outfit. I'm sure I'll run into that alot considering they DO ask us to wear GAP clothing, lol. I was just realizing that I never even mentioned where I got a job. Yes, at the GAP. It's SO fun! This weekend is full of work, so no fun for me. Wait, what am I talking about? Work IS fun! :) Jease I hope Apey Lou is doing okay, she was quite ill last time I spoke with her. I wonder what the hell Chris is doing lately, he's horrible at touching base with me, and when he does... he's repetitive as hell. I love Smoothie King, the Muscle Punch is the best.. I went there today and the one little dude working there was SO bombarded with folks, it was insane. He needs a make-over in customer service too, he's kinda iffy in that department. It was SO nice to hear from Rimrock yesterday, OMG her little guy is SOOO adorably cute! Brad's a punk, he was so full of it last night when he claimed he was writing me. Ugh, lol, j/k... I love that boy tons. Today is just kinda blah, yet wonderful in a way. I had a little run-in with Carwa this morning which was TOE-TULLY stupid, but everything's all patched up now. Matt's bash at Nemo next Thursday should be quite interesting, I'm gonna be lookin' forward to it. Perhaps I'll meet more kewl people? I don't know what else to say, I don't know anything. Kinda crazy, eh? I work in a lil over 4 hours so I'm gonna go play me some Spider-man (sucks I can't attend the premier tonight) on PS2, and hopefully catch a little nap. I'll be back later this evening probably. If not, you'll get over it. Bah!

Current Mood: peaceful
Monday, April 29th, 2002
10:51 am
Worthless Day
I decided that today is totally worthless. The only thing required it emptying trash and that won't take that much effort. I knew the ladies I'm workin' with wouldn't be too happy with me, but yanno what? As far as I'm concerned, they can all go to hell. People take things way too seriously I swear. lol, they are letting the STOOOOpidest thing get to them. I'm anxious for Chris to get here... like 9 more weeks (according to him)... I haven't even counted yet, so he could be lying for all I'm concerned. I dunno what to do today, it's gonna be boring. I DO have to go get gas though, I'm like a millicentimeter away from the E. Wow, this is odd, I have absolutely nothing to say. Maybe later.

Current Mood: curious
Saturday, April 27th, 2002
9:31 am
Here's Comes The Rain...
K last night I got the hell scared outta me driving home because I almost went off the road TWICE... not because it was slick but because you couldn't even see the damn lines!! And the fact I live outta town doesn't help the matters much. And so I wake up this morning and the damn water is STILL droppin' from the sky. Lordly lord when's this madness gonna end?! S'ok, at least it ain't snow. I need to get on the ball and order the new 'puter, this one pisses me off too much and monitor is a punk because it won't come on all the time. Well this afternoon is the big day. One o'clock p.m. sharp, I'm kinda scared!!! Holy hell, first job in almost 3 years! Crazyness eh? I should call Chris back and apologize for hanging up on him, then again I think about it and it's like, "HELL NO, he's nothin' but little f*cka!" Seriously though, OMG he's so lost when it comes to me explaining stuff. I told him about the little 'outing' (per say?) next weekend I have planned and OMG you could so tell he got jealous or something.. then he goes on about his straight ventures and I say under my breath.. "ummm k i don't give a shyt... blah blah." But whatever. I anxious as hell to see Spiderman next weekend!!! I can't believe I dropped my phone that hard yesterday.. oh well, got the glow-in-the-dark faceplate on now so hopefully the top won't break. Why am I sharing this? It's dumbass nonsense.. well, then again 95% of the stuff I say on here is. Hot damn, the PopOdyssey DVD? HOLY HOT DAMN THAT IS! Justin.. during Pop, *faints* ... I'm such a freak I know, but I'm sure you have an obsession too. I'm ridiculous though when it comes to those boys. Hopefully I'll get a chance to see 'em again this summer, OMG it'd be 4 straight summers in a row. How absurd is that?! They BETTER do a 2nd leg of their Celebrity tour.. the closest I got was the damn tour book off eBay, so that bites weiners. So hmmm.. what else is new? Nothing really. I finally found out what that Jimmy dude drives. K then I saw other stuff I didn't need to see and um... let's just say "Um no." But whatever. Gurrrrrraarrrrrrr I still need to get Michelle Williams' CD! Yanno how like last week or whenever I said I decided to get HERS? I didn't, I got Sheryl Crow instead because fuggin' Target didn't have it!! Man I wish everynight at the gym was like last night... like 3 people there total I swear!! And *shivers*.. k the dude with the beater and black tearaways? *DROOLS* ...My GOD that should be illegal I swear. I'm crazy, just ask Maria... she could tell you how O--> crazy I am. lol, I think it's more funny than anything. And what the hell did Chris mean by "interesting"?!? That actually kinda pissed me off! AND (ok I'm about to rage).. June 1st?! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?! Uhm.. Duhhhhhhh.. we've known each other for HOW long?!?! Ugh, k *simmers down*.. pardon the little spaz. Anyway I should go, I'll be back later to letcha know how the first day went. L8R!

Current Mood: awake
Friday, April 26th, 2002
12:01 pm
Good day folks, how's things this lovely morning/afternoon? I'm doin' much better today actually, now that I've realized a lot of stuff. I can't wait to let the ladies know they are on their own and that they don't need me. I swear, I can get convinced too easily, so maybe it IS and maybe it ISN'T the best route to go, but oh well. Time will tell, less than 2 weeks to be exact. I so don't wanna stay here another hour but it's gotta be done. Actually yanno what? It DOESN'T hafta be done because I just realized I can leave now because the business I was supposed to take care of already got taken care of this morning. Okay this weekend might be odd. Tomorrow is the big day, my report day to work. That should be fun... I just gotta "be myself" as I'm told by truckloads of people. Well, my dad went back to work so that's good news. K I am sooooo anxious for Chris to come now, it's gonna be great. Can you believe I actually miss the little f*cker's obnoxiousness? Just as long as he doesn't get too carried away I think I'll be cool. Which reminds me, I still have to plan things to do 'n stuff. Oh how I wish I was in Vermillion right now going to the Grammy In The Schools thing at the University. Nick bailed on me, what a freak. Oh well, SOMEDAY I'll make it in the entertainment industry as a headliner or behind the scenes.. we'll see. Yay, I went to workout last night again and had loads of fun! People probably thought I was nuts laughing my ass off while running because I was watching Will & Grace. OMG I was so shocked to see Molly Shannon on there, she's like my favorite funny person and ever since she quit SNL, it's been chaos. I should go get something to eat, I'm kinda starving. I just love the new 7-layer nachos at Taco Bell. Yanno, I was watching the Today Show this morning and I realizes loads of stuff about french fries and other high-carbohydrate things. I always thought about becoming a vegetarian but then I thought, "Oh HELL no!" Me? Go without chicken? Not in a lifetime. K that sounded really gay, but oh well. LORD I crack up still EVERYtime I think about Tina and cutting chicken with scissors!!! I need to see that someday. Grrr, I can't wait 'til school is done so I can starting working on other projects I have in mind for the summer. Plus I gotta get situated and talk to other schools about advancing to a Bachelors 'n stuff. Hope things work out fine. I'm sure they will, I'm a good kid. Just can't let any odd trees get in the way. I should probably write Brad back, he probably felt all leftout and lonely this morning. I love that boy loads. OMG poor Chris, someone stole his lab kit (or whatever?) and he says it was worth over $400. Why do people steal? Especially something like that?! People are intensely crazy anymore, it's wrong. I'm gotta write Senator Lieberman one of these days just to see what's up.. LOL, I'm sure he'd appreciate that. No but seriously, I am just a strong of an advocate of toning down the violence/sex/drugs/other bad stuff factor in the entertainment world. I have quite a few complaints about pop culture. My mom's coming up today. Should be kinda nice. She's gonna blow up when she sees the papers and other misc. junk my dad left everywhere though. K why do I talk about them? No idea. That's another reason I need to get the hell outta here. Why can't I be like that lucky 20 year old girl in California and win $53 Million? I would Fah-REEK if I won Powerball tomorrow night. Closest I came was that secret ticket that people shouldn't know about, hehehe... $100 smackaroos! Well yeah, the tummy is rumbling so I think I'll go check out the Bell, head home and watch a movie, clean around the house, and probably go workout after that. Hope I see the same things I saw last night there. :-P~~~

Current Mood: good
Thursday, April 25th, 2002
9:11 am
Another day, another dollar...
Right, at least not yet anyway. Well, I am still just tickled that I got the job... what a relief! I'm so anxious to start, it should be interesting! This past few days have been rather "Ummm"ish if you know what I mean. My dad's taking time off work because he's quite ill, so that's kind of a bummer. So then it leads me to take care of his business in town 'n stuff. I don't mind it, because it's not like *I* have anything to do, but still... I've just been going around wondering "Ummmm...?" I need to start heading to the gym more often. Not like I really need to, considering I'm happy with my good 'ol self, but the feeling afterwards is so nice. I'm glad I finally got to confront Chris about his ignorance on the phone the other night. Jease I swear, I'm so out of it and at a loss for words right now. I'm proud of myself for not falling when we went rollerblading the other day, because there was NO WAY IN HELL I would have wanted to re-injure myself after the little ice skating spat a few weeks ago. Yesterday was kinda neat.. kinda wish I was in Sioux Falls. I'm so fascinated by political campaign rallies 'n stuff, even IF they're Republicans. Woulda been cool to see the President in person. I can still kick myself for not coming back to Pine Ridge when President Clinton was there, that woulda been so frickin' awesome. I seriously decided that I'm going to start my little campaign helping out the DMC with getting minorities, gays, and the elderly registered to vote. It should be kinda neat going out meeting people like that. I just need to contact the SD DMC office and see what I can do. It'd be kinda cool to work for Tim Johnson's campaign too, even though I think him and John Thune are both pretty cool. I'm still confused with the whole Steve Kirby/Mark Barnett stuff. Lately I've been seeing these Jim Abbott ads and he seems pretty cool. People claim I get too involved but do you honestly think I give a rat's ass? Not really! :) This summer should be fun, I'm SOOOOOO looking forward to mah job! A little overly anxious but oh well I'm sure. I'll hafta post some of my Mount Rushmore pics here sometime, it'd be kinda neat. Nick took this really neat one (very casual) of me just kinda sitting there. Reminds me of a picture on the cover of a tourist magazine. lol, riiiiight. I need to talk to Brad again, OMG I love that boy... he SUCH a sweetheart!! Then again, I love anyone who can crack me up beyond belief. OMG in the commons yesterday, Carla..? THAT GIRL IS WHACK! I so have to keep in touch with her after this whole school stuff is over, she's wicked cool. But anyway, I oughta get going, get this day going 'n stuff... Lord knows what else I'm doing. Actually!!! TODAY I need to get on the ball with the damn pictures for the website. ANYWAY I'm pointless so I'm out the door. Buh Bye!

Current Mood: blah
Monday, April 22nd, 2002
9:08 pm
They called me while I was at school and left a message... HOT DAMN I GOT THE JOB!!! Training on Saturday, no clue when I start. I'm SO anxious though it's gonna be sweet. And the discounts? OMG nice. Today was odd... I actually got a bunch done! Cleaned house, did dishes, and wrote letters. Had to go to the mall to get some cards for friends. I love sending cards outta the blue just to surprise people. Got Nick a really cute one. Says something about "our friendship is take out, it's dependable, enjoyable, and just a phone call away!" High cheese factor, but it's so him. I wanna call Chris tonight but everytime I call him he's busy or something.. plus he's no fun to talk to on the phone anyway. I need a voice though. I cut it close today when I went to Culligan.. they close at 5:30 and I made it at 5:27.. I'm a bad ass what can I say? Gotta love water. Had to go see Lori at Fischer this evening and OMG.. k not only did I have to re-explain EVERYTHING, but draw my own picture in addition to showing her real-life illustrations. She finally got it after about 15 minutes of heckling. Dear lord people are so misunderstanding these days. She's so nice though. Then I forgot to empty the damn trash today!!!!!!!! K I know I'm gonna get my ass reamed for that but oh well, I have good excuses. Had to stay after at school and socialize with guys 'n girls who couldn't resist me. lol, but anyway I better go to bed, gonna try to start a new sleeping pattern. Plus, I'm kinda tired from workin' out. Tootles!

Current Mood: excited
12:01 pm
Long and crazy weekend
Nick is finally gone and things are back to normal. Okay I so did not mean to just sound like I'm glad he's gone. I could spend months with him. It was weird though because that was like the first time we've ever spent that much consecutive time together. He's a fun boy. Chris confuses me so much and he claims I do the same to him, but has no backup to support that statement. I have truckloads of things I can tell you but I don't feel like it. This whole website stuff at school is a huge ass chaotic mess. I decided today that I'm no longer gonna be in the driver's seat... someone ELSE can do it. I enjoy the company of these people dearly, but lordly lord it's not even cool. I got me new pride gear this weekend in Hill City! Nick forgot his wallet the other night at the theater so I had to pay his way in The Scorpion King, so I made him buy me this wicked as hell rainbow hacky sack and neato bracelet in return. We had a jolly 'ol time at Mount Rushmore, took loads of pics, some neat ones of us flexing, hehehe. Then dumbass ME is afraid of heights and almost rolled over the ledge when jumping up on top of it. I am so anxious for the 4th of July celebration up there, Chris will be here. UGHHHH... I'm talking to him online right now and he's the only person in this world where I heart him one minute, but cannot STAND him the next. Whatever anyway, onto brighter more exciting things... my job interview went FABULOUS! They totally loved me! I don't wanna sound too overconfident, but I have a feeling I'm gonna get it. Different subject: can you see me as a bank teller at the new bank in front of Menards? If this other venture doesn't work out, I might go that route, it'd be fun I think! First dibs on the new quarters.. now that's what I'M talkin' about! lol, I'm worse than an old lady with those. OMG!!! Talk about embarrassing!!... k today is my grandma's birthday and before she left this morning I gave her a present and neat card and when she gave me a hug and kissed me, she left LIPSTICK on my cheek! I sooo meant to check it out and perhaps wipe it off (if it left anything behind) before I left the house... think I did with MY memory? Nope! Therefore when we were working on stuff in class today, Carla was like, "Do you have lipstick on your cheek?!" OH GOD then it hit me. I thought she was gonna mention my chapstick because I kinda overdo that at times and make my lips shinier than normal. But damn, I turned SO red, it was crazy. Anyway, lord knows what else I have planned for today. I think my dad will be in town at Noon so I should probably go take care of some business for him. Still have to go see Lori & some electronics dude at Fischer and other miscellaneous shtuff. I'm so pumped for Kenny Chesney's new disc to drop tomorrow, he's like one of my favorite artists of all time. OH YEAH!! Plus the damn PopOd NSYNC DVD comes out tomorrow finally too... I swear to God I'm gonna throw a hammer through someone's window if they pushed the date up again. That'll be like the 11th time? Ugh, but yeah anyway I'm just beginning to ramble and ramble of stuff that just all of a sudden pops into this lovely little mind (yes I admit it) of mine. Sooo, I'll be back sometime soon!

Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, April 16th, 2002
7:30 pm
PURE CHAOS!!!!!!!!
K sorry for the lack of update first of all, but whatever... People piss me off (once again), I dunno WHAT the hell is gonna happen with the whole deal at school. I wish Mary wasn't such a punk. I feel odd. I am sooo ridiculously anxious for Nick to get here, it's gonna be a blast!! LOL it's gonna be interesting to see what kinda reaction Chris has when he finds out Nick's coming to visit me. See, they're both my best friends in the whole entire world but it seems like they don't want anything to do with each other. K the new 98 Degrees song has an extremely strong cheese odor to it.. "Why Are We Still Friends?".. interesting. Typical boybandish type song. Gotta love 'em though, but I can't STAND Nick's constantly whiny voice. I so wish I could go see Teenaw, Brad, and Hollay. OMG Brad sounds like a majorly fine mofo, then again they say that about me and uhm.. I think not? lol, chaos I tell ya. But yeah, speaking of Chris, that boy is just so confused with himself it's insane!! The conversation we had today was just WAY outta whack.. the whole ass stuff was hilarious as hell. I don't understand why Shakira gets on so many people's nerves.. wait, yeah I can, but her stuff rawks to groove to. I wonder what Ryan was thinking when I saw him at the stoplight yesterday? Crazy bastard, I can't stand him but he's still likable even though I hardly know him. He seems to enjoy asking off the wall questions everytime it's just him and I in the same room. OH GOD I don't feel like going ANYwhere or doing ANYthing this fine evening. New Sheryl Crow and Michelle Williams CDs out today though... I'm kind of on a tight budget so I think I'll get the gospel one. OMG she's so hilarious.. I am so destined to work in showbiz one day. If *I'm* not entertaining, I'd love to work behind the scenes.. yanno like marketing or managing an artist or something. No one like LMNT though.. k no, the whole Juliet stuff ain't workin' and I coulda predicted that WAYYY before the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. I adore the song immensely.. only because I like cheesy stuff like that, but that's just me.. and it shoulda been seen WAY long ago that it wouldn't work out. K I spent a little more time talking about that than necessary. And OMG, I still can NOT stop cracking up about Teenaw's story about the Chinese dude cutting the chicken with scissors!! LOL and the way she told it with uncontrollable laughter made me 'bout piss my pants!! AHHHHHHHHHH, 24 HOURS AWAY 'TIL I SEE NICK!!!!!! And by God I still haven't really set any plans in stone for us yet.. I'm just awful with planning stuff, it's insane. Me? Wedding Planner? Get out. I'm just the DJ. :) Ohh lovely, it's getting dark out FINALLY... jease it's annoying how it can be like 8 p.m. and only feel like 5! Makes ya feel like you threw your day away even MORE. Anywayzers, I oughta get strollin'.. I'm hungry for a corndog. I decided I'm gonna get Michelle Williams' CD, Hollay just convinced me I enjoy Gospel. I'll get Sheryl Crow this weekend! ANYWAY toot-a-Lou! (especially Apey) hehehe
Wednesday, April 10th, 2002
12:28 am
This day can go to hell
I enjoy water though, so that's good. Today was so odd. People keep bugging the hell outta me on the phone and I already know I've gone WAY past my allowed minutes on my cell phone. Tina's cool 'n all, but HOLY SHIT she likes to talk about nothing but nonsense for HOURS! Last night was so not even cool because I was draggin' ass today and tryin' not to fall asleep in Tram-Law tonight. Although I did see my boy in yellow...OMG I gotta get my hands on that. Chris is such a fucking dickhead and so incredibly vulgar. K I'm not the cleanest-talking person in the world, but he doesn't need to go that far. I confront him about it and he gets all pissy claiming I'm in a bad mood 'n stuff. I kinda regret sending him the postcard because I don't feel like putting up with his shit during the 4th of July. I'm hoping it's a jolly time though. YAY, like 1 week and 1 day until my Nicholas gets his ass here. It's gonna be a blast. I hope things with him and Jen get better, I pity him so much sometimes. He's so sensative and hard to understand at times, but I can honestly say he's like the coolest cat ever. I feel kinda bad for not wishing Soupy a Happy Birthday on my own today... poor guy, I feel sorry for him at times but he's just a cocky fucker at times, he doesn't even deserve sympathy. It's like, "Uhm hello there's more to life than a damn Mustang!" People these days I swear... gotta love 'em. This afternoon was interesting... I spent like 2 hours at Bostons with my dad and one of his friends for lunch. Then we got into playin' damn Ms. Pac-Man (which I can say I kicked some serious ass at). I wanted to play pool but no one wanted to be embarrassed. I'm anxious for Sheryl Crow's and Michelle's Williams' CDs to come out next week, I heart them both dearly. I swear, when I have money, I buy nothing but paper and plastic. That so true though if you think about it... I got the new XY (yay), Willie Nelson's new CD, On The Line DVD (Lance & Joey's movie), plus those HOT ASS Cheetos (to play trick on people with), and uhm... nothing else I can think of. Software Etc. is like the most pointless store ever. I'm sure it's good for SOME things but new PS2 games for example? Oh HAIL no. They want $58 for Spiderman when it comes out? Riiight. Well anyway, I said I was gonna quit pullin' this late night stuff, but does it look like I have? Didn't think so. No more shoppin' for candles and other misc. junk at Tram-Law past 9. But anyway, I plan on goin' to school early tomorrow after I guzzle a pot of coffee so maybe I'll vent more about dumb stuff later, k? Tootles!
Sunday, April 7th, 2002
10:05 pm
April Showers have arrived!
YAY! I had to do like 4 backfips today just because I was so joyously happy that rain came. j/k.. me? 4 backflips? I think not. :) Just another silly little day for me, I just love weekends ..course who doesn't? It was extremely plesant actually.. I am soooo anxious for Nick to get here in like 11 days, woo hoo! I still gotta plan some activities for him and I, and perhaps others. But oh yeah, my weekend.. oops, got a little off track there. Friday night wasn't all that fabulous. Did nothing but read magazines, clean, and watch TV. SATURDAY was a blast. I just love spending time with Maria. We went to Panic Room.. pretty good flick!! Everyone thinks the previews give it away, but not at ALL! Then we sat at Denny's for over 2 hours.. I drank like 3 gallons of water there I swear.. what can I say? I LOVE H2O. But yeah, OMG we got so much talked about it was great. Then the man called in the middle of things. I swear, I'm horrible.. I gotta turn the phone off when already in intense conversation. I love that boy with all my heart, can't wait 'til this summer. ;-) But yeah, after Denny's, I had to take my mom's car back to her, come into Tram-Law with her for odd reasons, then Mar and Troy and I went from there back to their pad, played Tetris (the brand new one for ps2) for over an hour, THEN we finally made it to Meadowood for extreme bowling at midnight. I heart Tracy (the DJ), he's purdy cool. Then OMG I spaced out the daylight savings time thing and was like "WTF?!" when I got home at 4! Wicked I tell ya. K I feel irritated for some crazy reason so I'm gonna head out. Can't wait to talk to Brad this week sometime, very nice feller! :) Until next time...
Wednesday, April 3rd, 2002
9:15 pm
Lovely day
I just decided that I reary reary wuv this thang! Si if you're readin' this, thanks loads for tellin' me about it, I seem to get relaxed everynight before I hit the hay now because I'm able to get things off my chest. I usually do it on paper, but the convenience factor is so good here. K yeah that was like totally uncalledforish dorky, but oh well. Today was a spiffy day, I went to the mall to get my rings cleaned and HOLY HELL I can't believe how forkin' shiny they are.. like brrrrand new! My uncle gave me this ring he found and he's like totally clueless about this area of stuff and it turns out it's a Black Hills Gold one on silver and HOT DAMN it's the bomb. I was thinking about selling it because it means nothing to me because it was just found and uncared for previously anyway, but I dunno... it's something nice to wear with my silver (and only) watch. I also decided that I'm no longer going to be pulling all this late-night shtuff because it's too damn hard during the day trying to stay awake. I mean it's not like really outta hand or anything but I get too drowsy 'n stuff just outta the blue. I'm odd I know. But yeah, Maria called me tonight after like 2 weeks of being outta town (that was TOUGH not hearin from her in awhile) and invited me to go ICE SKATING tomorrow night.. OH GOD I'm so anxious because I think ice skating is like the funnest damn thing since nacho cheese. I just got back from working out and I am sooooo loopay it's not even cool. ENERGY RAWKS MY WORLD. I got some new coffee creamer at Tram-Law last night (Vanilla Hazelnut) and it's kinda addicting!! Oh deah I have a thing for new coffees lately, it's insane!! Speaking of whack things, I forgot my gel at my mom's house this weekend and was pissed because there was not a damn thing I could do with my head of hay. SO, also at Tram-Law yesterday I bought this liquid latex stuff.. it comes in a little clear jar and has a blue thing goin' on and itty bitty speckles of glitter or SOMETHING in it... Anyway, it's pretty neat and does wonders for the hair ("what hair?" some people would ask) on my head. But anyway, gotta get to bed to be up early for the MS Big Day thing at the Ramkota tomorrow, I just loved it in December.. perhaps goodies will be given away again? Hope so! Well talk to u again soon, hopefully I won't have a sore ass from fallin' on it loads. K BYE!
Tuesday, April 2nd, 2002
11:10 pm
Hot damn? No idea, just bein' a dork.
Okay it's like MUCH MUCH later since the Oscars have ended, so I apologize for that, but oh well. I've been on kind of a good kick lately, it's been a nice past couple days. With an exception of today, which was rather hectic. I had family involved in a car accident last night near Hermosa so I spent all day today taking care of things for them and assisting in any way I could. My aunt and uncle are fine, but my cousin is still in the hospital with a back injury. Poor gal, she's gotta be in a brace for 6-8 weeks but expected to have a full recovery, so that's good. Life is so unpredictable. But anyway, onto the good stuff lately... Easter was awesome, I got to spend time with my two little cousins that I like hardly ever see. Plus, I enjoy chocolate 'n stuff... too much I think sometimes. I discovered that SHeDAISY are coming out with a new CD, I can't get enough of their new single "Get Over Yourself." April finally got her zipper pull I sent her and it just so joyously frappy about the whole thing.. I love that girl so much. I saw Willie Nelson this past Thursday!! That was fun stuff, I was on my way home from Borders getting ready to enjoy my Thursday night of such dandy programming on TV when my uncle called saying he has an extra ticket. OMG I didn't think I'd enjoy it a whole lot, but it was rather pleasing! Kinda nice to see a country legend, I just love his new duet with Lee Ann Womack "Mendocino County Line"... very relaxing stuff. Chris and I are still in an EXTREMELY confusing situation as we have been for the past 4 years it seems. I love the boy dearly with all my heart and I get the feelings in return, but there's just a little spark somewhere in there that's not being lit. Crazy indeed. Oh well, perhaps we'll get things situated this summer if he ever decides to get his ass up here to see ME for a change. I swear, I go see him everytime he's in Montana and he has never came to see me yet. I bought a neat little Mount Rushmore fireworks postcard to hopefully lure him here to see the celebration with me during his summer break. That reminds me, I have truckloads of mail to send out tomorrow.. 2 eBay auction things, bills, letter to A-me, and magazine subscription cards. I love Borders, they FINALLY got the new XY in. After HOW long? Jease, people these days I swear. Oh well. Anyway, I'm in the process of workin' on my website so I'll hopefully have that up soon. I'm not really looking forward to a whole lot of stuff upcoming soon, so nothing to really rant and rave about. ALTHOUGH, the Parade of Homes is in like less than 2 weeks and that's always a fun thing to check out, so I guess it should be interesting. Preparations for stuff like that suck I tell ya. I soooo don't feel like cleaning and organizing, but it's gotta be done. K this is starting to be nothing but random jibberish (actually, I think that's what this whole thing has been), sooo I'm off to Dreamland USA. Bah bye for now!
Sunday, March 24th, 2002
9:57 pm
Just need to pour my mind
Yay, let's try out this new little thing I discovered through an online acquaintance...
Sundays are usually blah for me, so this is nothing surprising. The weather sucks outside. Nothing but snow and a cold-ass wind chill. Inside isn't any brighter, except the temperature. K yeah that made like no sense whatsoever but I'm in a mood where I really don't give a damn. The 'rents come to stay with me and keep me company in their house on the weekends and I can't wait for them to go home. My father seems to always walk around with something stuck up his ass. He's the type that can dish it out, but wouldn't dare be on the receiving end of bitching and complaining or a stupid, meaningless joke. My mom isn't nearly as bad, but rarely shows signs of respect. They're both good-hearted deep inside but don't show it that often. They both get pissed over the STUPIEST stuff ever I swear, and snap verbally not really often, but too often in my mind. I honestly wonder where I learned all my manners in life. Sure I'm not the most well-behaved kid (as I'm treated like 95% of the time), but I do my best to earn and maintain the respect of fellow citizens in this odd country. I'm sick 'n tired of being alone. Because of my lifestyle, there's not a whole lot I can do or people I can meet. I can be told by thousands that I'm wrong, but until they can tell me how to fix it, I won't believe anybody. The Oscars are on tonight and I get just ecstatic (pardon any spellinge errors) when awards shows come on. I made my predictions and I'm doing much better than I ever have in the past. Halle Berry just won Best Actress for Monster's Ball and I bawled so bad because I tend to do that alot when people accept awards and cry. I did it when Christina Aguilera won the Best New Artist Grammy in 2000. Insane, huh? But anyway, back to the predictions.. I could win movie passes for a year at the theaters here in Rapid City.. hell of a deal!! Will write more after the Oscars...
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